Copyright and Licensing

Licensing terms ensure preservation of copyright, and the right of the Journal to publish original scientific papers containing results of theoretical and experimental research works which are not currently subject to review for publication in other scientific edition, bulletin or magazine. All materials are spread on conditions of the Tanta University, Faculty of Engineering, which allows other persons and institutions to recognize authorship of this work and its initial source as the Collection of Proceedings of   « Tanta University 1st Architecture and Urbanism International Conference (Tuauic'24)». The Author shall transfer to the editorial board of the journal the right to spread the electronic version of the paper, as well as the electronic version of the paper translated into English (for papers originally submitted in Ukrainian and Russian) by all kinds of electronic means (placement at the official website of the journal, electronic databases, repositories, etc).

  • The intellectual property and copyright on the original content of all scientific contributions shall remain with the authors grant, in exchange for publication in the Collection, exclusive licensing of first publication, giving the Collection the right to produce and disseminate the contributions, whether collectively with other articles or individually, and in all media forms known or to come.
  • The authors shall guarantee the originality of their material and shall not publish any text that would appear to contravene, in any way, the definition of originality as given in the intellectual property.
  • Plagiarism and false or intentionally misleading declarations constitute behavior that is at odds with the ethics of scientific publication; as such, they are deemed unacceptable.
  • No significant part of the article shall have been previously published either as an article or as a chapter, or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • If the authors intend to reproduce their article in other publications or for any other purpose and by any means, they must obtain the written authorization of the editorial board.
  • Reproduction of extracts of publications is possible provided that the authors cite their source and have obtained explicit permission from the rights holders, which permission shall not be unduly withheld. Reference must be given to the title of the article, the journal, the author(s), date and place of publication. The Collection reserves the right to apply reproduction rights.

Provided the paper is accepted for publication in the present Collection, the Author shall sign the License Agreement and conflict of interests form. The originals copy of the License Agreement and conflict of interests form (a scanned's copyes) is sent to the email address of the Editorial Board of this journal.

The Author shall reserve the right to use materials of the paper, without approval of the editorial board and the founders of this Collection:

(a) fully or partially, for educational purposes;

(b) for writing their own dissertation papers;

(c) for preparation of theses, conference reports or presentations.

Place electronic copies of the paper (including the final electronic version downloaded from the official website of the journal) at:

  • personal web resources of all Authors (websites, webpages, blogs, etc.);
  • web resources of the institutions where the Authors are employed (including electronic institutional repositories);
  • non-profit public access web resources (for example,

In all cases, it is obligatory to have a bibliographic reference to the paper, or a hyperlink to its electronic copy placed at the official website of this journal.

We will endeavor to protect the rights of authors and will investigate claims of plagiarism or misuse of published articles. We also seek to protect the reputation of the journal. Submitted articles may therefore be checked with duplication-checking software. If an article is found to have plagiarized published work we reserve the right to take action including publishing a correction; retracting the article; or pursuing other procedural or legal remedies.