Accessibility Statement

Tanta University 1st Architecture and Urbanism International Conference (Tuauic'24) is committed to offering an accessible environment for all.

As an international organization that meets in many different locales, Tuauic'24 faces the challenges of following local laws and customs while honoring the expectations that people bring from their own communities. We encourage dialogue and creative problem solving on the part of Local Organizing Committees and participants to ensure more inclusive environments for all of our participants.

In line with the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, Tuauic'24 strives to be accessible to all by accommodating the needs of registered participants in annual meetings as well as Tuauic'24 regional meetings and workshops.   At a minimum, Tuauic'24 will comply with the disability laws in the country or jurisdiction within which the Tuauic'24 event is being held and, whenever possible, will go above and beyond these requirements to enhance the conference experience for all attendees.

Requests for accommodating individual needs for Tuauic'24 conferences, meetings and workshops will be included in the registration form. A member of the Local Organizing Committee may be identified as the Accessibility Contact Person to help manage accommodations. Tuauic holds accommodation requests and supporting documents confidential.

2 March - 3 March 2023,Hurghada-Egypt