Collection is oriented on an account in its activity of the next principles and rules, foreseen by the position about the conflict of interests in a triad «Author – Reviewer – Release»:

The trust of public to objectivity of the process of criticizing and quality of the published articles in a great deal depends on how the possible conflicts of interests are taken into account at criticizing and decision-making about a publication.

The conflict of interests can arise up in case that a reviewer, member of editorial board or employee of release, relates to the worker which can subjectively influence on a decision about a publication.

The conflicts of interests can entail relationships with an employer, domestic copulas, attraction in financial relations and others like that. Conflicts can also arise up as a result of academic competition, personal liking and antipathies etc.

The release of Collection foresees an obligatory receipt from all authors and reviewers of the declaration about any existent conflicts of interests which can influence at presentation and preparation of manuscript to printing.